Citroen has released the first pictures of the face-lifted C5, set to be revealed to the public this September at the Paris Motor Show.

The C5 receives Citroen’s new front end design with double chevron grille and a ‘boomerang’ style for both front and rear lights. The interior has also been updated and refined.

The C5 now also features the company’s new lane departure warning system, that alerts drivers if they drift across lanes, as well as Xenon dual function directional headlamps which turn as the car corners.

Laminated side glass reduces noise levels as well as improves security, whilst front and rear parking sensors provide audible and visual warnings on a multi-functional screen. There’s seven airbags, including one to protect the knee area, as well as a speed limiter and the latest generation ESP.

A choice of six power-plants will be available, with petrol units from 117hp to 210hp and the latest HDi common rail diesels, developing between 110hp and 138hp. New six speed manual and automatic gearboxes as well as Citroen’s particulate filter will also be available.