Citroen C6 to debut at Geneva

The new Citroen C6 will make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show on 1st March 2005.

Citroen is describing the car as a true grand tourer. Designed to appeal to the discerning individual, the C6’s purposeful stance stems from a long front overhang complete with sweeping headlamps, married to a short rear overhang. Frameless doors with windows that hug the curve of the roof arch and a concave rear windscreen add to the C6’s fluid lines, while its aerodynamic properties are enhanced by an air deflector at the rear that is automatically deployed at speed.

On the inside, the C6 includes electrically-controlled rear seats, a soft diffusion air conditioning system and a whisper quiet ride, enhanced by laminated glass side windows.

The C6 continues Citroen’s tradition of pioneering technological advancement. A head-up display projects key information such as speed and navigation details onto the windscreen, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road, whilst new suspension with variable damping allows the C6 to set new standards in terms of ride quality.

The C6 benefits from high levels of safety equipment, including an electric parking brake – a first for the Citroen range. This combines with numerous other safety measures such as the Company’s lane departure warning system, front and rear parking sensors, Xenon directional headlamps, cruise control and a speed limiter.

C6 drivers will have a choice of two V6 engines, both mated to six-speed automatic gearboxes. Diesel drivers will benefit from the first Citroen application of the 208bhp 2.7 litre V6 HDi engine, equipped with particulate filter, whilst petrol lovers will enjoy the refinement of the 3.0 litre V6, which produces 215bhp.