For 2005, the Chrysler Grand Voyager range will feature a new seating system that allows the seats to be folded flat into the floor in less than 30 seconds.

Stow ‘n Go seating, which will be available on the Grand Voyager from December, allows the second- and third-row seats to be folded into, and uniquely not onto, the floor. Folding the seats involves a one-hand operation without the need for the head restraints to be removed.

With both the second- and third-row seats folded, the Chrysler Grand Voyager has a flat load floor and a maximum cargo volume of 4690 litres (165.6 cu.ft). With the second and third row seats upright, covered storage bins are available providing a total of 340 litres (12 cu.ft) of extra under-floor storage space.

The rear three-seat bench also now offers a 60/40 split, and as the seats fold into covered storage bins, owners will not have to worry about damaging seat backs once they have been folded.

Other new features on the 2005 Grand Voyager include an internal overhead rail system on Limited and Limited XS which includes an overhead console with up to six moveable and removable storage bins, rear temperature controls and an optional DVD screen.

Chrysler engineers used Super High Density (SHD) foam cushion seating that was originally developed by NASA to improve the seat comfort for astronauts. The use of SHD was key to designing seats that could be folded as needed, but without losing comfort.

In order to fit the seating and storage system into the Grand Voyager, the development team had not only to invent folding seats, but also create an entirely new underbody and engineer a load floor for the second-row seats. They also needed to design a new fuel tank, exhaust system, parking brake cables, rear climate control lines, and modify the rear suspension.

Pricing of the new 2005 Grand Voyager Stow ‘n Go starts at £25,720, an increase of £330 compared to the 2004 Grand Voyager. Pricing of the Chrysler Voyager for 2005 remains the same (the Voyager does not feature Stow ‘n Go seating or the overhead roof rail system). The new Stow ‘n Go vehicles will be available from the start of December.