Chrysler Group unleashed more than a thousand horsepower – and 10 million ‘bees’ – when they revealed three new performance vehicles at the Geneva motor show today.

The production versions of the Grand Cherokee SRT-8 and Chrysler 300C SRT-8 each boast 425 horsepower engines and together with the 170 hp Dodge Hornet concept car represent an explosion of American muscle for European markets.

Simon Elliott, Managing Director for Chrysler Group UK, said: "We revealed our two latest high performance vehicles – the Grand Cherokee SRT-8 and Chrysler 300C Touring SRT-8 at the show this week. These two SRT vehicles will blast into Europe in the next few months while the exciting Dodge Hornet concept gives a taste for a potential future Dodge to sit alongside the new Dodge Caliber that launches in July."

The Dodge Hornet concept aims to bring some excitement to the B-segment with a unique blend of aggressive American design and a European approach to engine size and footprint on the road. The aim was to create a vehicle with a uniquely American character to expand the image and presence of the Dodge brand in Europe, especially in the entry-level market.

Hornet designer Mark Moushegian said: "We went for a rally-inspired look: robust, capable, and most definitely not ‘cutesy’. We wanted a distinct ‘edge’ to the design. We especially wanted to push the envelope of interior volume by pushing all interior surfaces to the perimeter of the vehicle as much as possible. That’s why the Hornet is almost as wide as a C-segment vehicle."

The Hornet’s chunky, wheels-to-the-corner silhouette imparts the fun of assertive motoring. The muscular side view is dominated by the large 19-inch diameter open-section aluminium wheels designed to show off the ‘mechanicals’, including the gold-coloured brake callipers.

Behind the signature Dodge crossbar grille is a 1.6-litre 16-valve OHC supercharged I/C four-cylinder engine putting out 170 horsepower/165 ft-lb of torque @ 4000 rpm.

Simon Elliott added: "Whether or not the Dodge Hornet concept is ever made into a production car, no-one will ever forget all those fake bees being released as the Hornet burst onto the Geneva stage!"