Chevrolet is to introduce a new range of small, compact and midsize cars in the UK and throughout Europe, beginning in January 2005.

Initially the product will be developed for Europe by GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Company Ltd (GM DAT) in South Korea but over time additional models will be introduced from other facilities within GM’s worldwide manufacturing network. GM’s strategy is to position Chevrolet as its affordable entry brand for developed markets and a volume mainstream brand for emerging markets.

At the Paris Motor Show, the S3X show car (pictured) will offer a preview of possible styling cues for future Chevrolet models.

Chevrolet Europe will be based around the current European GM Daewoo infrastructure and will eventually offer 1,800 outlets. The existing GM Daewoo network in the UK will be expanded to over 100 outlets by the middle of 2005, and existing Daewoo vehicles will be serviced alongside the new Chevrolet line-up.

The current line-up of American-built Chevrolets is sold in all EU countries, along with Switzerland and Norway. Distribution of the Chevrolet Trailblazer, Trans Sport and Tahoe will remain the sole responsibility of GM’s partner, the Kroyman’s Corporation, based in The Netherlands.

Chevrolet UK Ltd will operate from 1 January 2005 out of the existing GM Daewoo headquarters in Luton.