Cadillac Europe has confirmed that it is currently investigating possible scenarios for entering the UK market.

A new Netherlands-based Cadillac Europe operation was established on October 1, 2003 to distribute General Motors’ Cadillac products throughout Europe.

Initial developments centred on key markets in mainland Europe but the Cadillac Europe management has also been carrying out research in the UK and expects to announce its plans for the market within the next few months.

Cadillac Europe is in discussion with various potential sales and distribution partners in the UK, although no decision has been made at this stage.

Products which could initially be available for the UK would be the right hand drive Cadillac CTS saloon (already produced in RHD for the Japanese market), plus three left-hand drive models: the XLR luxury roadster, the all-new SRX crossover model and the highly-acclaimed Corvette sports car. Other RHD models are not currently available.