Traditional car manufacturer Bristol has released details of the revisions to its range for 2005.

Bristol’s Blenheim range for 2005 consists of three models.  The Blenheim 3 provides dignified express travel for four six-foot persons and their luggage.  The Blenheim 3G is based on the Blenheim 3 but can be fuelled on either petrol or LPG.  Lastly, the Blenheim 3S is billed as “an exciting development of our normal saloon providing genuinely sporting performance, with enhanced handling, roadholding and brakes” with a torque to weight ratio said to be superior even to rivals with turbocharged engines.

Changes to all 3 and 3G models in 2005 include 225/60 x16 tyres (previously 215/70 x15), 16″ 5 spoke alloy wheels to improve appearance and increase airflow across the brakes by 26%, a 2″ wider rear track further enhances roadholding, stability and visual appeal, revised engine computer for enhanced smoothness and fuel economy, larger four piston brake callipers and improved brake pads for longer life and even better fade resistance, uprated front springs for crisper handling, revised dampers providing greater body control in fast driving with reduced small bump harshness around town, rotary ventilation controls for more precise adjustment and wood veneer door cappings and matching wood trim over air-conditioning console for more club-like interior feel.

If you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.