Bristol Fighter S now available with Road-holding and Competition packages

Bristol has announced two new performance-oriented packages for its Fighter S model, due to go into production shortly.

The two-seater ‘S’ variant is produces 628/660bhp, with an increasing horsepower rating at high speed due to aerodynamic overpressure within the air intake system.

The ‘R’ (Road-holding) package makes the Figher immediately recognisable by its new 5-spoke alloy wheels. In addition, the ‘R’ has 285/35 R 19 tyres at the front and 305/35 R 19 at the rear to improve responsiveness, ultimate traction and road holding. Adjustable spring bases lower the ride height by 10 mm, and special lightweight competition type springs are stiffer in rate, firmer anti-roll bars and revalved Bilstein dampers snub excess body movement.

Changes to caster and camber sharpen steering feel and front tyre adhesion.  To provide room for wider rear wheels and tyres the dual 3″ exhaust system is rerouted to emerge from the sills ahead of the rear wheels, providing an additional benefit in horsepower and reduced weight.

Customers who value ultimate performance with a small sacrifice in practicality may order the ‘C’ (competition) package, which can immediately be recognised by its lower stance (15 mm lower than standard) and its exposed competition style fuel fillers. Aerodynamic enhancements include fairings ahead of the front wheels and a vertical ‘fence’ at the rear of the car. Which further reduces the wake area behind the car and increases the rear down force. These changes lower the co-efficient of drag to 0.255 (the lowest of any production car), further improves acceleration and top speed, enhance handling balance and stability at very high speeds.

The standard Fighter ‘S’ is priced at £218,000 + VAT, with the R package adding a further £16,125 + VAT, and C package adding £16,800 + VAT.