Two years after unveiling the Continental GT, Bentley has announced the arrival of the company’s fastest ever four-door, the Continental Flying Spur, that matches the GT’s 190mph+ performance.

The Continental Flying Spur combines the design and craftsmanship for which Bentley is renowned with the dynamics and power of the Continental GT to provide a motoring experience that Bentley hopes will attract a new breed of discerning customers to the marque.

Bentleys have always offered a blend of luxury and performance, creating the ability to undertake long journeys in great comfort.  The R-Type Continental from 1952 and its four-door descendant, the Continental Flying Spur, have inspired Bentley to create a modern equivalent.

Bred from the fastest four-seat coupé of its time, the original 1957 Continental Flying Spur was hailed as one of the most elegant and yet powerful saloons ever created. The new Continental Flying Spur continues that Bentley bloodline of sporting Grand Tourers.

Bentley asked their customers about their future needs, and received a clear response  – performance and luxury, style and practicality, inspiration and solidity, excitement and safety. The Continental Flying Spur is Bentley’s response.

The Continental Flying Spur features a top speed in excess of 190mph and a 0-62mph (100km/h) time of around five seconds.  It’s powered by a 6-litre, twin-turbocharged, 12-cylinder engine engineered and built at Bentley’s factory in Crewe. Tuned to provide not just a massive 552bhp but also the legendary Bentley ‘tidal wave of torque’ from low revs (maximum torque is available as low down as 1,600rpm).

To feed that power to the ground, a high-tech, all-wheel-drive system has been fitted to provide stability and grip in any conditions.

The cabin uses exquisite Bentley design and quality to create a spacious, welcoming atmosphere, with a classic mix of leather and wood veneers combined to give a contemporary but timeless appearance.  Over 11 leather hides are used to make a complete set of upholstery in the Continental Flying Spur, while spacious rear legroom provides total comfort for all passengers with a five or four-seat layout optional at the time of purchase.

The four-door was designed and developed in parallel with the Continental GT coupe at Bentley’s design studios and facilities in Crewe to ensure consistency in their visual appearance and in their on-going engineering and development programme.

Pricing for the new Continental Flying Spur is yet to be finalised but Bentley expects a similar price structure to that of the Continental GT coupe.  Sales will begin in Spring 2005.