Sponsored Video: Apple Watch Scania Edition

Following in the footsteps of Scania’s Black Griffin watch, the company has now created a new version that focuses on the well-being of professional drivers.

Based on the Apple Watch, the new Scania Edition includes a number of apps that go beyond the usual vehicle-integrated functions.

For instance, the watch monitors the driver’s performance and can send an alert if they begin to tire, together with a reminder to move around if they have been sitting for some time.

The watch also includes a fall detection app – should a driver suffer an accident during loading or unloading, the watch can help the wearer call for assistance.

“We’ve always had drivers’ needs as the main focal point for our product and service development, but the Scania Edition takes things a step further. We believe the new watch can be a friend to the driver and help them as they go about their daily routine,” says Jonas Svanholm, Scania’s Director of Digital Business.

But it’s not all ruthless practicality – the new Scania watch also looks cool, and for its launch the company has created a rather unique optional accessory.

Scania took a vintage LB 140 V8 engine block – instrumental in coining the phrase ‘King of the Road’ back in 1969 – and melted it down.  It was then reforged into a cast iron watch strap, and christened the Scania 140 V8 bracelet.

“With this bracelet, we can let you wear a piece of motoring history on your wrist and connect part of our heritage to our future,” explains Magnus Andersson, Scania’s Product Manager for Digital Business.

The new Apple Watch Scania Edition and the Scania 140 V8 bracelet are available to buy now from Scania retailers or the Scania web shop, while the applications are available to download from the App Store.

This post has been sponsored by Scania, but all thoughts are our own.