Skoda has introduced two additional engines to its new Octavia line-up.

The first of these, the 1.6 FSI petrol unit, is constructed completely in aluminium. The 1.6 FSI is available with Ambiente and Elegance specification. With its 115 bhp, the Octavia 1.6 FSI has a top speed of 123 mph and torque of 155 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Zero to 62 mph time is 11.2 seconds, with combined fuel consumption of 40.4 mpg. The 1.6 FSI is Euro IV-approved and is one of the cleanest petrol engines on the road, with CO2 emission levels of 168 g/km.

Prices for the 1.6 FSI start at £13,540 for the Ambiente trim and £14,640 for the Elegance. Both are equipped with a five-speed manual transmission; the 1.6 FSI will be available with Skoda’s Tiptronic six-speed automatic gearbox from January.

The DSG Tiptronic transmission is now available with the 1.9 TDI PD, and allows quick and precise gear changing with little impact on fuel consumption. This engine and transmission combination is EU IV compliant.

Quick, smooth gearshifts, without interrupting the transmission of power, distinguish the DSG transmission from automatic transmissions. DSG consists of two standard transmissions, with two clutches joined by two input shafts. One section of the transmission is used for uneven numbered gear changes and reverse and the other for even numbered gear changes.

With the car in third gear, the transmission identifies the next gear to be selected according to the speed and other parameters and changes to it. This, fourth gear, has already been preset but is not active because the clutch that controls even gears is disconnected. The transmission control unit waits for the most suitable moment to change the gear, which it does by disconnecting the clutch for uneven gears and simultaneously connecting the clutch for even gears. Changing is absolutely smooth and quick, taking only about 0.03 of a second.

The 1.9 TDI PD engine uses Skoda’s Pumpe Düse technology to deliver 250 Nm of torque at 1,900 rpm. Enough to achieve 47.1 mpg on the combined cycle and CO2 emissions of 143 g/km, placing it in VED Band A. Top speed is 117 mph. Euro IV approval means that Octavia 1.9 TDI PDI/ DSG buyers do not need to pay the 3% diesel engine tax surcharge for company car drivers. Available in Ambiente and Elegance trim, with prices starting at £14,820.

Both are on sale now.