Maserati is ready to deliver the 25 road-going versions of its new MC12 racer to customers.

Maserati, who officially retired from racing over thirty years ago, is now making a return and the MC12 race car will debut in Imola for AF Corse.

Martin Leach, Chief Executive of Maserati said: “The history of Maserati is one of sporting success, splendid and fascinating cars combined with exclusive customers. We have completed the series of 25 MC12 road cars and they are ready for delivery to clients, whilst the track cars in which we will make our racing return to an international championship are being prepared. It is an important, historic moment.”

From the technical perspective, Giorgio Ascanelli, Technical Director of Maserati Corse explains: “The race version is derived from the road version of the MC12, with a close eye kept on performance and costs. We would like our future clients to possess an easily manageable car with great performance and good reliability.”

The drivers are very confident: “The road going car and the race spec car are very similar”, says Andrea Bertolini. “The MC12 is a very easy vehicle to drive and one in which it is easy to find the limit. We work well with Mika Salo. We completed the last three tests together and, most significantly, we gave the technicians similar feedback on the car.” The Finnish driver agrees: “It’s quite exciting. It’s been a very busy testing session and I think we should be ready for the race. It’s a very comfortable car to drive, very well balanced, very comfortable especially for the long run”.

The other duo is formed by Johnny Herbert and Fabrizio De Simone. “I am more than satisfied”, says Herbert, “because we signed the agreement a few days ago and the first test at Mugello went extremely well. The MC12 is a pleasant car to drive. Comfort is very important in races of this type. A car has to be set up in two specific ways for two different drivers and I think that the perfect combination has been found.”