For the 2017 model year which, rather confusingly, is set to start from Spring 2016, the Jaguar XE will be offered with the option of All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and a new infotainment system.

Available only with the 180PS Ingenium diesel and the 340PS supercharged V6 petrol engines, the system takes advantage of Jaguar’s decision to engineer the XE with AWD in mind.

In normal conditions, the system preserves the XE’s rear-wheel-drive character by sending engine torque to the front wheels only when needed, a transition the company says can take place in just 165 milliseconds.

The XE makes use of the Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) system that debuted on the F-Type AWD.  It samples data such as the car’s yaw rate, lateral acceleration and steering input angle to estimate the degree of traction available to each tyre, and can apply a predictive element to that data. Should the system detect that the rear wheels are nearing their grip limits, torque can be pre-emptively transferred to the front wheels to compensate.

Working in co-operation with the torque vectoring and stability control functions, the system can also transfer torque to the front wheels to reduce oversteer during fast cornering.

Replacing the previous Rain, Ice, and Snow modes in Jaguar Drive Control, is a new Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) system.  Taking the company’s experience from Land Rover’s Terrain Response, AdSR adjusts the responses of the throttle, transmission and stability control to ensure the XE offers a confidence-inspiring performance in low-traction environments.

The updated Jaguar XE is also now available with the company’s latest generation infotainment system.

In addition to the 8-inch InControl Touch system will be a new 10.2-inch touch-screen, dubbed InControl Touch Pro.  It’s powered by a quad-core processor with data stored on a 60GB SSD.

The wide-screen layout allows split-screen displays to be used, while the system responds to familiar pinch-to-zoom and swiping gestures.

The navigation function can check if there’s enough fuel in the tank before starting a journey, displaying filling stations on the route if necessary, while a new dead-reckoning function allows the navigation system to continue to operate even if GPS signal is lost.

During navigation, drivers can share their ETA with others via email or text message, and can even send further messages should they be delayed.

Commute Mode learns your daily drive and can suggest alternative routes to avoid congestion, while a new Approach Mode displays a 360-degree street-level view of your destination once within 200 metres.

InControl Touch Pro is available with a choice of two audio systems, both developed by Meridian – an 11-speaker 380W system, or a 17-speaker 825W surround sound system.

The system can now also be paired with the Apple Watch, allowing the driver to lock and unlock the vehicle, check remaining fuel level, set the climate control and check its location.

The new Jaguar XE with AWD is expected to go on sale from Spring 2016.