Subaru has said that the new 2014 Subaru WRX may still come to the UK.

The Subaru WRX concept vehicle made its debut at the New York auto show earlier this year, and will be shown in Europe for the first time at this September’s Frankfurt show.

The concept offers a hint of what the 2014 WRX may look like, with a more muscular appearance and plenty of road presence.

It’s lower, wider, and more rakish than previous WRX models, and is said to place greater emphasis on handling and dynamics.

Subaru UK offered heavy discounts on the old WRX in order to shift their remaining stock, following a decision to not import further units.

At the recent launch of the new Forester, UK bosses stated that they view Subaru primarily as an SUV brand.

They went on to cite EC CO2 targets and the high cost of ownership for reasons not to import further WRX models to the UK.

However, recent noises from Subaru UK indicate that the 2014 WRX is still under consideration for the UK market.  Indeed, they went as far as to say “changing market conditions” have led them to re-examine the feasibility of importing the new model.