The Datsun brand is being resurrected with a new small hatchback – the Datsun Go – for sale primarily in emerging markets.

The five-door Datsun Go will be powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.

It features compact body dimensions – 1,635mm wide, 1,485mm high, 3,785mm long – and a comparatively long wheelbase of 2,450mm.

Interior equipment will include the ability to dock a smartphone and listen to music stored on it through the car’s stereo.

It’s expected to go on sale in India priced below INR 400,000 (about £4,400), followed by launches in Indonesia, Russia and South Africa during 2014.

The name – Go – has been inspired by the very first Datsun – the DAT-GO – launched in 1914.  Datsun’s mantra at the time was Durable, Attractive and Trustworthy (hence DAT), although the modern-day Datsun company revises that meaning slightly to mean Dream, Access and Trust.

“When a customer buys his first new car in countries like India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa, first he dreams about it. To realize the dream, customers need to have access, feel a sense of belonging towards the Brand. Also, as this purchase will represent a significant part of their disposal income, it is important for them to have full trust in the brand and the product. So Dream, Access and Trust are key values for which the Datsun brand stands now,” said Vincent Cobee, who leads today’s Datsun.

The Datsun Go will be built at a Renault-Nissan Alliance factory at Oragadam, in Chennai.