It has a reputation as a fearsome sports car that very definitely ought not to be toyed with, but this exquisitely detailed replica of the 1930s Auto Union Type C Grand Prix car crafted by Audi is actually child’s play to drive. The Type C is now available in the UK for an ‘on-the-road’ price of £6,800, or to put this in perspective for its target drivers, the equivalent of around 1,360 weeks or 26 years-worth of pocket money at the going rate.

The must-have accessory for the younger Audi aficionado is a half-size replica of the highly successful 520-horsepower, 16-cylinder mid-engined racer developed by Auto Union, one of the four brands that joined forces to form Audi as we know it today, and winner of a total of 10 Grand Prix victories.

Just 999 examples will be produced by Audi high performance engineering subsidiary quattro GmbH, using over 900 individual parts and staying true to the lightweight aluminium construction principles that characterise Audi to this day.

From the shade of its silky smooth Avus silver paint, right down to its last painstakingly punched rivet, the Type C will be as faithful as technically possible to the full-blown legend that inspired it, and exemplifies the quality of build for which modern day Audi models are renowned.

For the fortunate few, namely Audi fans standing no more than 1.35-metres or 4.4 feet high, the Type C won’t simply be beautiful to behold. It is also a fully operational pedal car, so in theory it could be careering perilously close to a hallway skirting board near you in the very near future!