Driving abroad is not always the simplest experience. In addition to reaching a new location and securing a rental car, you’ll always have a few additional logistics to stay concerned with. For example, your GPS or smart phone may need an adjustment to navigate a foreign road, or the car insurance you rely on at home might not cover your rental abroad. However, these are all minor issues that you can easily address. The more important thing is choosing the roads you travel.

For those who enjoy the driving experience and scenic beauty of a truly unique road in a foreign atmosphere, here’s a look at 10 of the best and most scenic roads in the world.

1. Big Sur, California USA

One of the most famous routes in the world, “Big Sur,” or Highway 1 in California, is a long and beautiful seaside stretch. The road runs along the west coast of the United States, reaching up and down almost the entire Pacific coast of California.

2. Furka Pass, Switzerland

Known to many for appearing in the popular Bond film “Goldfinger,” the Furka Pass is a towering mountain road that takes you right through the Swiss alps where many say some of the world’s best scenery awaits.

3. Ruta 40, Argentina

For another well-known mountain route, consider Ruta 40, which winds back and forth between the Andes Mountains in Argentina. Over 3,000 miles long, Ruta 40 passes through 20 national parks.

4. Conor Pass, Ireland

For a vision of the ideal image of Irish countryside, the Conor Pass is a perfect choice. Green hills, winding roads and pristine lake views sum up this gorgeous drive.

5. The Atlantic Road, Norway

Perhaps the single most unique road in the world, the Atlantic Road is built across several small islands. Twisting causeways take drivers out over the waters from island to island.

6. Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

Running along the rocky foot of Chapman’s Peak at the southwestern tip of South Africa, this coastal route offers incredible scenery.

7. Karakoram Highway, China

It’s a challenging road, but this 800 mile stretch takes you to the skies between China and Pakistan. The road’s construction took 27 years, and its range of scenery shows you why.

8. Col de Turini, France

Winding through the French alps in Nice, Col de Turini is beautiful and historic. It has a place, particularly, in sports, as it has been featured both in the Tour de France and the Monte Carlo rally.

9. Great Ocean Road, Australia

A winding coastal road, this particular route is noteworthy because in addition to being scenic, it is technically a war monument. The road is dedicated to the soldiers who passed away in World War 1.

10. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

This road isn’t even a mile long, but it’s so unique it deserves mention. The road is cut into the side of the Taihang mountain cliffs, with gaps in the rock functioning as small windows off the side.